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    Lamination is a process of glueing of two or more layers of film, in which we get more robust and strong packages with better barrier properties.
   Also on multilayer envelopes we print inside, between layers, which guarantees their stability.

   For lamination we have a laminating machine from the best manufacturer in this segment – Nordmeccanica, which is used for dry lamination, which is ideal for envelopes in food industry. Maximum width of lamination of envelopes is 1100mm.

   Lamination is appropriate and most commonly used in packages for salt, legumes (beans, rice, lentils), pretzels, waffles, nuts, chips, frozen products, spices, etc. For different products we use different combinations of film.

   Most commonly used cimbinations of laminated film are BOPP+BOPP or BOPP+LDPE, choice of a combination depends on client’s requirements.

   We can laminate film with a different thickness, minimum thickness for material is 12µm. For propylene (BOPP) most often used combinations are 20+20µm and 20+30µm. For polyethylene (LDPE) minimum thickness is 30µm. Also there are different colors (transparent, white and metalized film). Most often used combinations:

    natural (transparent) polypropylene + natural (transparent) polypropylene;
    natural (transparent) polypropylene + white polypropylene;
    natural (transparent) polypropylene + metalized polypropylene;
    natural (transparent) polypropylene + natural (transparent) polyethylene;
    natural (transparent) polypropylene + white polyethylene;