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    Design is a process, during which we create visual concepts of envelopes.This is a first step to a good package.

    To develop your project you can use a help of our specialist or services of an advertising agency. In both cases there is very important to reach a conformity between a design of packages and specifics of flexo printing.


    POLYPRINT LTD receives different formats of files (ai, eps, cdr, pdf), which are made with such applications as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. To print a project correctly it’s very important your filed to be correct. Below your can find certain compulsory requirements:

  •     all fonts have to be converted to curves;
  •     colors have to be in CMYK;
  •     if there are another colors like Spot (Pantone), it has to be noticed;
  •     RGB color system is not allowed;
  •     resolution raster images must be 300dpi;
  •     if it's possible, give us working files for images (in PSD or TIF);
  •     if there are transparent elements it is desirable to convert them to bitmap with resolution 300dpi;
  •     logos have to be in a vector format;
  •     white background should be noticed.

    It’s desireble all files to be named with a name of a company, vendor code, grammage etc. (For example: Company_brown In the file you have to notice exactly sizes of an unfolded package and number of colors.

If you need a help or a consultation, please, contact with our specialist, tel.: +359 887 090 667, e-mail:


    Prepress is a process, during which we adapt our design to a specific printing process.

    Prepress is an intermediate process between a design and manking cliches. Before making a printing form (cliche) we provide some operations, that require excellent knowledges in technology, in specificities of a printing machineа, excellent knowledge of a software, which is used, and knowleges in polygraphy.

    Irrespective of whether your design is made by us or an advertising agency, it is mandatory for us to ro carry out finishing before making cliches.

      Making cliches

    Cliche is a printing form, which carries out printing process.

    POLYPRINT Ltd. collaborates with the best producers of cliches. Afrer finishing a prepress the company, which produces cliches, takes a project. Cliche is a flexible, made from photopolymer, whereby we print our customers. For every single color we use separate cliche.

    To count a price for one cliche we have to know strict sizes of a package and number of moduls, which will be placed on a printing form. To get an offer for cliches please contact our specialist by tel.:+359 887 090 667 or e-mail: and notice stict sizes of your package.

Making cliches – analog and digital (CtP).